Blog Ibiza Forced To Close at 06h30
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Ibiza nightclubs will be forced to close by 6.30am under new laws passed by local authorities.

Institutions like Amnesia and Pacha, which regularly stay open past 8am, will have to close by 6.30. Smaller clubs will also be hit by the changes which require them to shut by 5am.

The rules, put in place by Vincent Torres, President of Island Council, and the isle’s five mayors, will come into effect next summer.

According to Noudiari, the legislation “aims to reduce inconvenience to neighbors and improve cleanliness in the streets”.

Tougher penalties have been put in place to enforce the new rules, allowing the council to fine repeat offenders. In the past season, Amnesia closed late on no fewer than 15 occasions, reports Man In San An.

Beach clubs will also now have to stop playing music by midnight and shut by 3am. The rules won’t effect venues in San Antonio where a 5am closing time was put in place two years ago.

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