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Hungover Girl Spends All Day In Bed Using Tinder Matches To Feel Better About Herself.

A woman feeling the fearful effects of a massive hangover has reportedly found a way to feel better about herself – getting attention from random dudes on dating app Tinder to reassure her that she’s pretty.

Despite never having gone on a date with any of the guys who’ve expressed an interest in her via the app, 27-year-old Alison Breen, says that she likes to set up an account every Sunday when feeling the fear from a night out.

“Usually I’ll wake up hungover on a Sunday afternoon, make-up crusted to my face, memory in a blurry box in a hard to reach part of my brain and taco cheesy chips on my hands and think to myself ‘I’m a horrible mess, I need to sort my life out,’” explained Alison. “Like every hungover person I’ll try to take my mind off facing the dawning realisation that habitual drinking is ruining my life, so naturally I’ll get some purgative wine and takeaway while watching Friends and trying not to cry.”

Alison claims that her ordinary hangover cures have stopped working in recent years and the only thing that can placate her crippling self loathing is by garnering attention from random dudes on Tinder.

“I’d never actually meet up with anyone from it but it’s nice on a hungover Sunday when dudes tell you they’d fuck you, it gives a person a massive boost,” she added. “Normally I’d be mildly offended by someone sending me a dick pic but if I’m feeling a bit down I think ‘well at least he’s making a weird and inappropriate marginal sexual assault at me, he must think I’m pretty.’”

Unfortunately for Alison however the popular dating app, which she downloads every Sunday, is “taking ages” to download onto her phone, causing her to “freak out” lest she get her dose of reassuring dick pics to make her feel happy about herself.

“I mean, they don’t send dick pics or obviously copy and pasted messages to just about anybody right?” she queried, before going on to say that she also likes to receive genuine expressions of interest from normal guys as it allows her to imagine a happy and contented life with someone caring and nice.

“Thanks to horny dudes expressing a mild interest in me I can then sleep soundly that night, knowing that even if I am a drunk mess, guys still would do me,” she concluded. “That’s all the reassurance I need.”

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